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Simple and sustainable junk removal for construction, renovations, refurnishing and more! We even transport raw materials like top-soil or gravel, and also do snow removal.

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Unlike most companies, we can dispose or recycle almost anything!

junk removal

Solid waste pick-up including refuse, and non-recyclable materials. These types materials are typically not able to be recycled, but will be disposed of properly and safely.


Pick-up services for recyclable or reusable materials including cardboard, paper, plastics, furniture, clothes, appliances, and many others! Items of this description can typically be given to a family in need, instead of being sent to the dump.

raw material

On top of picking up virtually any junk, or recycling we also do raw material delivery! We can transport top soil, gravel, and many other raw materials. We even do snow removal!

Sustainable Waste Disposal 

We’re a BC owned and operated waste collection and recycling company, with a strong belief in giving back to the community. Many of our clients are disposing of furniture, clothes, and other things that could be useful to families in need. With that, as well as the environment in mind, we try to repurpose and give away any of these valuable goods to families in need through our volunteer-run charity the Better Cause Society.


Unlike many companies, we actually care where about the planet, and with our recycling and repurposing programs you can be sure that what might be trash to you, can become treasure to a family in need. Reach out today for a quote!

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